Welcome to my homepage! I am currently a researcher at UN Global Pulse. I am interested in how big data, machine learning, and technology can be used to address policy problems. My research focuses on mobility, migration, and forced displacement as well as the use of alternative data sources to study populations that are underrepresented in traditional datasets.

I completed my PhD thesis in Information Systems at the NYU Stern School of Business. For my thesis, I studied the digital future of urban mobility, examining the interactions between ridesharing and public transportation, as well as the parking behavior of e-scooter users. I also conducted research on the movement of migrants and refugees in the Central Mediterranean and developed an interest in the use of machine learning for causal inference.

Prior to joining Stern I received a BA in International Relations and Economics and an MA in International Policy from Stanford University, and spent four years working on randomized controlled trials with Innovations for Poverty Action.